The Back to the Black programme, the British Debt to Wealth System. Stage Three

As well as being known as an education expert and in particular a mathematics education expert, my other passion is money. Well to be truthful financial literacy or capability ( as it is know in some places).  I often appear on BBC Radio to give money advice and I wrote Back to the Black, the British Debt to Wealth System. This has received some really rave reviews on amazon so thank you to those who were kind enough to review my book positively.

So let’s explain where we are now in the programme:

Stage one was Understanding the Numbers: the first steps in managing your money   If you can’t do the basic mathematics, you will never be able to manage money. In this book I explain how the different parts of basic mathematics works and how to relate that to your real life.

Stage Two was Back to the Black: This book explains strategies to reduce and then totally eliminate debt from your life. My wife and I have done this ourselves and it does work.  Younger readers may not be aware that before computerization, bank statements were sent every month and if you were in debt, they would be printed in red.  You were then said to be ‘ in the red’.  If you were in credit, i.e. there was money in your account, you were ‘in the black’ because your statement was printed in black ink.  So you had to ‘ get out of the red and back to the black’, meaning you had to pay off your debts.

Stage Three: this is the fun bit, making money.   One of the fastest ways of making money is to do it online. Ok it won’t make you a fortune to start with ( it could later) but as a well known supermarket says, ‘ every little helps’.  So what is the way?   Affiliate marketing.  This is the idea of selling something on behalf of another person and receiving a commission. As a marketing method this has been around for thousands of years and it works in general and on the internet it works particularly well.

Many people think that the only way to earn money like this is to be an affiliate to adult material websites, nothing could be further from the truth. The World wide web as we  know it came into its own in 1990 but it took until 1994 for the first company to apply affiliate marketing to its sales strategy ( and yes it was in the adult entertainment industry , this explains the misunderstanding mentioned earlier).  It was a company called CDNOW that was the first non-adult material site to use affiliate marketing and then along cam another company, called amazon and that is when things really took off.  Join me on my next post when I talk some more on affiliate marketing.


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