The Back to the Black Debt to Wealth system: Affiliate Marketing

In the last blog I talked you through the stages in the Back to the Black Debt to wealth system and talked through the first 2 stages. If you have not yet read it, you might like to do so now.

So , assuming you have read it, now it is time to move onto Stage 3 and that is making money.

One of the easiest ways to make money is affiliate marketing. Don’t expect to be driving a Rolls Royce next week but as a well known UK supermarket says, ‘ Every little helps’.

Affiliate marketing is an alluringly simple idea. You show an offer from a third party to your website visitors or newsletter readers. The deal is, if they click through and buy, you get a commission.  Your payment can range from a low percentage right up to 100%. It is true that some  vendors do give affiliates 100% of the sale because the lifetime value of a new customer is worth far more in the long run.

Affiliate marketing is also known as associate marketing, partner programs, joint ventures ( JV’s) and revenue sharing. You may find that the affiliate program you are interested in is open to anyone.  However be aware that some vendors insist on pre-approving candidates.  Other vendors will only take affiliates who are actual customers i.e. have personally bought the product.

You can become an affiliate for a particular company or product vendor as many companies do run their own schemes.  However, by far the majority of programs are run by affiliate management companies.  Probably the best known of these are ClickBank and Commission Junction.

There are pluses and minuses in all affiliate programs.  For instance Clickbank is delightfully easy to use.  When you pick a product they give you an affiliate link to use.  Many marketers have made good money by selling Clickbank products.

Commission Junction’s  levels of commission are usually much lower but bear in mind that the products are often in high demand so you can make up  for lower commission by volume.

Amazon run their own affiliate program and it is free. It is called the associates program and payments start at about 4 to 5%. The best part of the amazon program is that once you have sent them a customer for a product they have a program where they can build up value for that customer, ( customers who bought that also liked this…). This is great for you because you get commission on the whole sale not just the product they clicked through on.

If you own a website that gets a lot of traffic then this could be a great way to earn money.  You hold no stock, do not write sales letters, do not have customer service issues and so lead a hassle free life.

You could be earning in literally minutes, it is worth thinking about.


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