The Back to the Black Debt to Wealth System: Stopping the Leaks.

Believe me this system works. The whole approach in the Back to the Black debt to wealth system really does work, It has changed the lives of many and it can change your life BUT only if you engage with it.

To engage with the system you need to track your spending, down to the penny. The easiest way is to keep a small notebook and pencil in your pocket or purse/handbag. Every time you buy something jot it down to the penny/cent. That way you have a track of your spending and should be able to spot where money is leaking out from your grasp.  You will be amazed at how much you are leaking cash.  we heard of one young man who was buying coffee and cake  three times daily in London at £16 per time. Crazy. Learn how to cook, buy a flask and you can still have your coffee and cake without it breaking the bank.  remember the whole purpose of the Back to the Black Debt to wealth system is to get you out of debt and back to the black. But you need to want it and to work at it.

Analyse your spending. Where are you spending and when?  After the crash of 2007, austerity became the new norm.  You are not crazy to want to save money, this is the new way forward.  I do a lot of radio broadcasting on different radio stations as a guest expert and  I once calculated for one disc jockey that if he bought a coffee from a well known high street coffee shop every day during his working life, he will spend something in the region of £48 000 and that doe snot include inflation.  Just think of the holidays you could have with £48 000, think of the new cars you could have and if you bought a Thermos flask, you could still have your coffee at a fraction of the cost.  The same is true with sandwiches.   Well-known high street stores but the weather forecast. They do this to target the right sort of sandwiches to customers for the right sort of weather. The purpose of doing this is to take money out of your pocket. Do you really not have 5 minutes to make a sandwich in the morning?  yet you have 5 minutes to pop out from work and buy the sandwich. Do the mathematics.  Sandwiches made at home are a fraction of the price of sandwiches bought from a shop and frankly are often a lot nicer.  You can make yourself wealthy or make other people wealthy, you can’t do both.

To your success!

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  1. Hey Graham

    A man after my own heart. What was the old adage `look after the pence and the £pounds will look after themselves’. It isn’t rocket science is it:-). An excellent article on what used to be considered common sense. Perhaps it’s to do with a certain level of maturity. Some of us were always used to taking vacuum flasks with us. Certainly when I go into the country the flask and sandwiches come with me or indeed the equivalent of a primus stove. How do people manage to live when they keep handing over £5 or £10 pound notes for this and that. Every encouragement, good writing.

    • Thank you Shirley, it was a journey my wife and I had to take and thank goodness we did. We now have no personal debt other than the mortgage and we are working on that one. Glad to find someone else who agrees

  2. Hi Graham,

    I love your philosophy but unfortunately the ‘norm’ seems to be instant gratification and laziness, especially in the younger generation.

    Your analogy of the ‘5 minute sandwich’ was spot on but how many people actually use those thought comparisons? So many people are rushing to somewhere or something and don’t stop to ‘smell the roses’ to take stock of their life.

    Hopefully, if they take the time to read your blog, they might give pause for thought.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Gill thank you.
      My view is that the new ‘normal’ is to live within your means and not as we did in the 1980’s and 90’s, on next month’s salary. I used to live that way myself and it simply is not sustainable. It is a rented lifestyle.
      to your success

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