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The late Chriss McCallum of McCallum’s Writing Glossary fame once told me of an easy £25 earned from drinking tea.  In fact she also wrote it into her Writing How to articles and books such was her skill as a writer. It was how to open one of those little cartons of milk that come with coffee. Incredible as it sounds, it really did bring a fee of £25 from a magazine.

The point is, you have information that:

a) other people want and

b) that they are prepared to pay for.

So it is possible to earn money on the internet writing articles. In fact the internet is screaming out for content, remember these words dear reader, content is king.

There are billions of web pages on the internet and more being written every day. each of these pages has to have something to say, something that attracts and keeps readers and that is where you can make money. Article marketing is a part of internet marketing where you focus on providing that content. There are a number of people who make good money online simply by writing a few articles but on a regular basis.

So what does article marketing involve?

At the simplest level it can be writing as series of articles to put on your own blog, as I am doing here.  If you have read this blog you will know of my books Understanding the Numbers and Back to the Black and you will know this is the next step in the debt to wealth programme.  So on this blog we are now investigating money making opportunities hence this article.

If you go to the effort of creating an article you can use it more than once.  This is called syndication.  You need to be clear that this DOES NOT mean payment for the article. Payment comes by the requirement to backlink to your blog or website or specific product. In other words if they are to use your material the must provide the backlink. Think of the numbers of people who could visit your site if your articles were on say 200 websites.

Syndication is easy. Look at websites like Ezinearticles.  This is an article directory. Article directories have 2 functions. First of all they are a central hub for people who want content but they are also indexed by search engines.  So even if no-one wants your article you still get the backlink.

So writing 400 words, maybe an hour or so of work, is the key to lots of links and lots of potential sales.

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5 Comments on "Back to the Black: Making Money, article writing"

  1. Wide scope here Graham for income from articles.

    I don’t subscribe to the general ideas of using articles on article sites for traffic generation. I think that’s not very effective these days.
    But articles can become viral, can be effective as guest posts on good high traffic blogs, and can become very efficient seeds to bring our sites to notice of those who matter.


    • Thanks for your comments Lance. I take on board your comments but for newbies I think frankly that it is important to get people writing and establishing their internet footprint.
      thanks again

  2. Hi Graham,

    I agree that the content is a king but only if you provide a traffic for the king. There is so much great content out there and just 10 spots on the first page of Google.

    Best wishes,

  3. Hi there, I think Roman’s point is interesting, but on the other hand there is a lot of good belief that good content will/may eventually get noticed. I dont think it a good use of time to try and outsmart Google but do think it adds credibility to have well written posts when someone does eventually notice you. Now, to go and wrote some!

    Kind regards

    • David
      thank you for this. I do agree that quality is important. My own view is that people talking is better than a robot. Getting word of mouth is vital. There is a movie called Julie and Julia based on the blog of Julie Powell in New York (see so it can and does happen

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