Back to the Black: article writing, you are an expert!

It is true, you are an expert.  You are writing a blog  that is being read by others so they want your expertise.  If you are not in the U.K. then this may surprise you but many British people regard themselves as limited in intellect.  It is common to hear people describe themselves as thick.

This is a cultural value that you as a blogger need to avoid. So how do you write your article?

One of the easiest ways is to use the problem, solution formula. This means you give a problem that people will identify with and then provide them with a solution.

Just to be clear, the solution is the product or service that you are selling. Either a product or service that you have created and are selling or a product or service that you are selling as an affiliate.  There is one other circumstance. It may be that you are developing your status as an expert in your particular niche. This means being a ‘centre of information’.  In such a case it is wise to give away a lot of information, as I am doing here. This establishes you in the mind of your reader as the expert in that niche and therefore s/he is more likely to come back and read your next blog.  I did exactly this on a recent broadcast on the BBC, actually on BBC Newcastle.  It was just a snippet but it went down well. The idea is that instead of holding a tupperware party you hold a gold party. People literally bring old gold. You have a gold buyer there and  s/he values the gold.  As the host you get 10% of everything that the buyer pays for. This is a dead easy win-win situation. Here I presented the problem as ‘what do you do when you need emergency cash?’  Hosting the gold party was the solution. Think about what I did, ok in speech on the radio rather than in print on a blog BUT it was still problem-solution.  The point you need to be clear on is that the problem has to be something many people will identify with and the solution is again something that people, if they wish, could implement.  If you start your article with ‘ isn’t it difficult these days to get Caviar!’ you immediately cut ordinary people out of your argument and undermine what yourself as an expert. ( If you are blogging to the dripping eye-wateringly wealthy that is a different matter ) but most of us sell to ordinary people.

The other side effect of article writing like this, is it makes you a little bit famous in your niche and it means people are more likely to come back to your blog and are more likely to buy from you and that dear reader, is the whole point.

to your success.

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