At school SWOT was a dreadful insult. It meant you had somehow ‘sold out’ and it came second to ‘teacher’s pet’.  But in business SWOT is an analysis.

It stands for :





You need to conduct a SWOT analysis every quarter ( every 3 months) to make sure you are on track in your personal development.  Nobody is going to control your life or control your career except you and that is why this is important to your future.  Make your SWOT analysis part of a written development plan.  What are your strengths, list them.  What can you do to make use of these strengths? Now the difficult bit, what are your weaknesses?  What can you do to overcome your weaknesses?  You MUST NOT just accept them and say there is nothing you can do.  There is always action you can take to improve your life.

you need to look for opportunities to do so.  Maybe you are weak at presentation skills. Go along to your local college, do they have an evening class you could attend?  Does your employer have specialist training you could attend?  The action you take will help to improve those areas of weakness in your life.

Threats happen to everyone.  The biggest threat is to face redundancy.  What  do you do to avoid it?  The best way in my view is to keep up to date.  The classic redundancy of a person in their 40’s is that their knowledge is 20 years old. If you graduated 20 years ago and have been with the same company ever since, they have bought all of your knowledge.  What else are you going to sell them?  This is why keeping up to date is so important. You are in control or you let events control you. It is much better to be driving the car than let it get out of control.

To your success.




3 Comments on "SWOT"

  1. Hi Dr. Graham!
    Your post was very effective and helpful. That is some great advice you have there. Online marketers could really learn and improve their practice from this. Thanks.

  2. I am pleased I checked out your site Graham. I have been trying to start an online business for a number of years without success. With every failure I have been tempted to just give up. But then the threat which you talk about hits me. If I dont become an internet SWOT I will never achieve my goal of one day becoming financially independent. I now have a great mentor in John Thornhill who is helping me to overcome my weaknesses and to seize any opportunity that comes my way to enhance my personal development . Thank you for reminding me of why I am pushing myself through my mental pain barrier to acquire new life skills at the age of 65

    • Good to hear from you Ray. I agree John Thornhill is a good mentor but we all need to develop the skills to keep ourselves on track. That is why a SWOT analysis is so important.

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