We need to change our attitude to Mathematics

Are you preparing your children or grandchildren well enough for their future? Make no mistake we live in a global community.  The power of the internet means your offspring are growing up in a different world to you.  They are growing up as global citizens. Professor Eddie Obeng says that fifteen years ago at around midnight when you were asleep, the world changed and you didn’t notice.

What has this to do with mathematics?  My point is simple. The world has changed and that means we have to change with it.  It means that despite what we as children may have experienced at school, we need to make the provision for our children reflect the needs of this century not last century.  That means we need to change our own attitude to mathematics.  How many of us say to children ‘ well I could never do maths when I was your age’. Whilst we think we are being kind we are in fact misleading the children.  A child in school today could still be in the workforce in 2070.  we do not know what 2070 will be like BUT we do know that the people alive in 2070 will need to be problem solvers and problem solving lies at the heart of mathematics. That is why this is important. As a parent or grandparent do you care enough about your youngsters future or are you leaving everything to the school?   The school has your child for five hours a day, you have your child for nineteen hours. It is not difficult to see who has the biggest opportunity to make an impact. Sign up for more free details on how to help your child’s education.

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