Five Weeks to Launching our New Online Mathematics Academy

Easter 2015 is our launch of a new online academy for the British GCSE Mathematics curriculum.  Why are we doing this?  There is a new curriculum in place for  Autumn/Fall 2015 and it is tougher than the current curriculum. I am the joint BBC Bitesize  maths author and so I can teach mathematics online to students.Mathematics will change their thinking skills and improve their job chances and life chances so it is an investment well worth taking.  We have bought a new online platform and will be providing recorded lessons in numeracy and live tutorials online to ensure students have mastered the mathematics and thoroughly understand what they are doing.  Sadly there has to be a limit on the numbers of people we can help so if you are interested do get in touch and we will send you details. Please note this is NOT free, there will have to be a charge BUT it will be very reasonable.  If you and your teenager work with us, we can say that using the Mega study approach it is virtually impossible not to learn.  Leave a message below or sign up using the form on the left hand side and we will send you details.

We are removing this email from use soon because some horrible people are using it to spam others.

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