A huge problem for many parents

We are incredibly busy in the office working on our latest project which is the launch of an online academy in three weeks time. The software is all in place and being tested and we are busy recording sessions.  To start with, we are focusing on the new British GCSE in mathematics. This is simply because I am a mathematics teacher and there is a huge problem that many parents have yet to address.  The new GCSE starting in the Autumn/Fall of this year is harder than the current GCSE.  There is about 1/3 extra work to do and many schools simply do not have the extra time built into the curriculum.   There is also the sad fact that in some schools the people teaching mathematics are not qualified to do it.  There seems little doubt that in 2017 when the first cohort go through the new version of the GCSE, the results will fall.  This is a toxic mix and we need to help.  That is why we have come up with the idea of an online academy.  We will be releasing details in the next two weeks but if you want more details do connect on this page and we will write to you privately.  We DO NOT share details with anyone.  This is a very exciting opportunity for us and we hope you can join us on our journey.

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  1. Alison Whitley | March 17, 2015 at 8:59 pm | Reply

    My Daughter is struggling with maths.. She has recently changed schools and is finding maths in her new school difficult and her maths teacher is not able to explain it to her in a way she can understand . They did a test this week and there was things in the test she said she hasn’t learnt yet. My daughter studies hard but just can’t get higher than a D.

    • Hi Alison
      I completely understand, that is why we are starting the online maths academy. I will write to you privately with more details. Don’t worry we can help.

    • she can get higher than a D with the right teaching, join us on the lawleracademy.com

  2. Hi Graham,

    I wish I had found your blog when my youngest daughter was in school. I think she and I could have learned from your work,


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