A Four Letter Word: PUBLIC WARNING


Yes I am going to mention a four letter word and that is WORK.

Sorry to state the obvious but as we head into exam season all students need to be working.  Now is the time to ditch the soaps and the booze and any illegal substances and to detox.  You are going into a performance and you need to prepare yourself and that means work.

The first thing is to make an exam timetable and to plan revision periods.  Remember now is time to ditch the tv.

Set up your revision periods for fifteen minutes and take 5 minute breaks after each session. DO NOT save the rest periods up till the end, it doesn’t work that way.

Focus:  it is easy to  kid yourself that you have worked when in reality you have done very little.  You need to set targets for your study periods and stick to them.

If you have not come across mindmapping then check out The Mindmap Book by Tony Buzan. This is a brilliant way to study.  One word of warning, if you are studying STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) you  MUST try some practice questions as well as drawing out the mindmaps.

Try setting a timer on your phone or digital application. There are plenty of free apps for timers.  This is a way of keeping you focused on your work.  Don’t expect me to say ‘good luck’ exam prep is not about luck is about preparation and now is the time to prepare and that means that four letter word WORK!


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