We are forgetting how to care

One of the hardest things  to do as a teacher is help young people develop values. Today, as I write I have knowledge of lies and rudeness from a British University to a person applying for a job. I know the university has lied, they know it and the person concerned knows it as well.

The fact is we are forgetting how to care. If we have values underlying the work we do, then surely we need to consider care as one of the main values.  By this I mean care for the environment and care for each other.  If that is the underlying value then in the example above, the applicant would have been treated with respect and where that respect was not delivered, would have received an apology.

In the same way, if we value caring as a society then what does it mean?  It means caring for the environment and each other.  In our office we have  a policy of not printing if we can avoid it.  We keep everything electronic and back up.  This saves paper (caring about expense), it saves trees ( caring about the environment) and it saves people carrying heavy files ( ok caring about each other may be stretching the point here but I think you can see where I am coming from).  One underlying value informs our actions.  It means we organise our daily practice to implement this value and that is why it is important.  I urge you to put care at the centre of everything you do because, as a society we are forgetting how to care.

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