Thank you BBC

If you have not heard, here in the UK all children are to be tested by the government on their times tables. So I went onto the BBC today to talk about it and not to put too fine a point on it, they gave me a tables test and I got one wrong OOOHHHH DISASTER!

Not really, it just shows that mathematics teachers are human. The point is children DO need to learn their tables BUT we don’t need the government to test for us. In nearly 40 years I have never visited a school that does not test their children’s ability.  It is a nonsense for the government to say that it is essential to have an external assessment, especially at a time when schools are desperate for cash.  Oh the government say they have spent sqillions on education BUT there are more children in school so the schools need more. So do hospitals and so do care homes, hmmm there might be a pattern here!

So On BBC Hereford and Worcester I made a mistake, the question was 11 x 12. Now the way I work out calculations like this is to do 10 x 12 and then add on, I added 11 instead of 12, an easy error BUT they were delighted.

So thanks a bundle BBC grrrrrrr!


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