Brexit and your Child’s Education: Your Chance to Help a writer

I won’t pretend I am a fan of Brexit, I am not. I have asked for one good economic reason to justify Brexit and not had one. One MP did write on his blog that we will all be better off. We most certainly will not be better off. Donald Tusk’s comments today show that the EU is striving to make as positive a deal as they can with the U.K.
US President Donal Trump has said trade wars are good, he is wrong they are not. So we have economic and political uncertainty and all the time your child is at school. Your child’s school is affected by the economic climate. In England, approx. 200 teachers a day are leaving for a number of reasons, principally because of the work load. I have worked as a teacher and I know from personal experience the workload is huge. I once got told off for not marking every book, every week. I had 180 students. If you work non-stop and spend just 3 mins marking ( often it takes longer) and literally had no breaks, it would be 540 minutes, that is 9 hrs every week. So in reality, teachers who do this are spending at least 1 1/2 working days just marking. Add onto this the need to prepare lessons and deliver at least 21 hours per week and you start to see the workload. As I have said above, your child is at school. This is a school that is short of money. When did you last see a teenager with a textbook? The schools buy copiable books because they are cheaper and copy worksheets for the students. I know because I am one of the authors who write these worksheets.
So where do you come in ?
You have to step in and monitor what your child is doing. You may also have to teach your child some of the things of which they are unsure.

This is where I need your help. In the comments below, let me know where you need help, particularly in mathematics and English and science and then we can tailor future posts to help you.
In advance
Many thanks
Graham Lawler



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