Drew Pritchard made me think!

Drew Pritchard made me think!


Drew Pritchard is the antique expert on the hit tv show Salvage Hunters.  If you haven’t seen it then you are missing a treat. Drew and his sidekick Tee, who is genuinely very funny, drive around the UK and occasionally other countries and buy up decorative antiques. They then take them back to their HQ in Llandudno and get restorers to work on them, Drew then has his team list them and they are sold in his shop and via his website.

It was during one of the shows that Drew said something that really made me think, he said ‘ I  am unemployable…’

Hang on! Here is a man with a headful of knowledge, great expertise and in his prime yet he is unemployable. Why?

One reason has to be age.  Drew is in his forties and a successful man but what of other forty year olds?

When I was 31 I was getting phone calls from headteachers and being invited to visit their school. At 40 it was as if I was dead, so I know what Drew means.

The problem is we have so many in HR who have ageist attitudes but this cannot go on. A 16 year old in 2018 can expect to work until s/he is 74 years old.  If they are subjected to these ageist attitudes in their forties, they still have 30+ years to work.

This has to be tackled in the university business schools. Future HR and middle managers need training in how to manage the older worker.  We cannot afford, as a country, to waste this level of talent.  Drew Pritchard is a successful businessman and so probably wouldn’t want to be employed  but others like him can be huge benefit to an organisation.

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  1. really liked this article Graham. i’m a fan of Salvage Hunters.. in fact I like a lot of shows on Quest to be honest 😀

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