Politicians and Education

Education takes a big slice of public spending so it is high on the political agenda. This means that politicians of all sides need to be seen to be doing something in education. The current Secretary of State for Education in England is Mr Gavin Williamson.

Mr Williamson likes to be in the news, this is because it enhances his political career. According to press reports he will be making schools in England take part in a new survey on behaviour every term.

This is forcing more paper pushing on teachers in England. Now think of this, in September 2021 a teenager going into year 11 has been in school for10 years and for every day of every year for 10 years, their school has been under funded. This affects the day-to-day running of schools. It means that teachers spend their evenings writing worksheets because they do not have enough money to buy textbooks. It means that children and young people are being under served. So teachers are placed under enormous strain and so frankly are the children and young people. Is it any surprise that they are ‘kicking off’. Who wouldn’t in such an environment?

Another effect is that teachers are leaving. One in three teachers leaves within five years, that is a huge waste of talent and money. It is now being openly discussed on web fora, but with an air of resignation. The system is broke because this government has broken it. This is all because the schools are under funded. The under funding is a political choice, it does not have to be this way. The education system is underfunded because the government chooses to underfund it.

In July 2022, teenagers leaving school will never know what it is like to be educated in a correctly funded school.

So school should be the biggest ‘blast’ in a kid’s life, they should be running to school, instead they are running away, instead they are kicking off in lessons. If schools were not under resourced, if teachers were not so dog tired, and the curriculum was more engaging then school would be a better place for all. The problem is that Mr Williamson is treating the symptoms, not the cause.

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