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On this site you will see details of my books, my radio shows and appearances on the BBC/ LBC radio stations.

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I also write other education books under various names and am about to plunge into writing fiction.

Names, Names, Names…….. well the truth is people identify names with a type of book so I will be using some other names on my fiction, I will keep you posted.


I am also on the radio every weekday on www.solidgoldgem.am and on this site I will be developing more of my ideas on the debt to wealth system. YES, how to turn debt into wealth..  IT CAN BE DONE!


Understanding Maths

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on 4 May 2017
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I was fortunate and went to a very good state school run by a man called Frank Ashworth.  Frank Ashworth as a headmaster had one political aim in life and that was regardless of what social class ( this is Britain) that you came from, he would give you the best start in life that he could.

For me, a child from an ordinary family, that start was a Godsend. I would never have passed the 11+ examination ( a British selection test for children at the age of 11). I achieved 2 a levels and 9 o’levels and I went to Chester College of Higher Education and trained as a teacher.  But then I hit my first snag. I graduated in 1981 and went straight on the unemployment line.  My answer to this was to join the Open University and later Cardiff University.  The result is that now I have four degrees and  I am a recognised expert in education and I am a regular on BBC Radio and LBC Radio. I am the joint-author of BBC Bitesize Maths  and I wrote Understanding Maths with the late Arthur C.Clarke.

My other main focus is financial education and I will be blogging about finance as this blog develops. If you have not yet seen it, do consider my book Back to the Black: How to get out of Debt and Stay out of Debt.

The purpose of this site is to help you to learn. The site will concentrate on my two main areas, mathematics and financial literacy/capability.  There is one thing I have learned in my life and that is this, you are the driver of the car called ‘your life’. If you want it to go in a different direction you have to take control. That is the point of this site, to help you to take control. The result is you will enjoy your life far better.

To your success.

Graham Lawler

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  1. Hello Graham

    I too am an OU graduate, of 30+ years ago 🙂 Year G. Really enjoyed it. Would have taken it further but my first son was born and he was (and is!) more of a project than I had imagined.

    I wish you much success with your blog. It looks interesting.

    • Great to hear from another OU graduate Joy. It changed my life. My father could always remember his army number, I think our generation will always remember our OU number, especially after the number of times it was written on TMA’s.

  2. Hi Graham

    Quite an interesting background you have there. Sounds like you went to a really good school. I’d love to say the same about myself – left with absolutely no Qualifications – but I made up for it later on by studying Electronics Engineering to BSc. level, then also IT to Postgrad level.

    It’s quite good because this whole IT thing, and industry experience etc., has given me the basic grounding to work through, and understand, a lot of the techie stuff online, however I will need to brush up on my marketing skills !


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