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Active Lives 2


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Interactive White Board Activities/powerpoint slide shows for teacher use

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All primary Schools in England have a statutory duty to deliver a curriculum that informs the children of the lives of certain individuals who have made a major contribution to the world.  That is why this book is an important contribution from Lawler Education.  The book is written as a series of lesson plans with free interactive whiteboard activities.   This book was originally published under our Mr Educator brand but is now being taken into our new Lawler Education brand under the History Matters list

The book contains biographies of:

  • Queen Elizabeth 1,
  • Queen Victoria,
  •  Peter Bruegel the Elder,
  • LS Lowry,
  • Edith Cavell,
  • Florence Nightingale,
  • Mary Seacole.

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Each of these notable people ade a huge contribution to the orld. In their ay they challenged the establishent and improved the world.

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Each chapter introduces the children to one of these people and shows what a huge contribution each made to the world.  Each, in their own way, challenged the establishment and improved the world.

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