Books for Teachers1 Cloze cars and Transport

If you are teaching in primary or in basic skills in F.E., then we recommend this book for you.

It is a copiable book and is now in its second edition.

Book cover for Cars and Tranbs

Cloze: Cars and Trsnport

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  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Lawler Education
  • ISBN 978-1842853795

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Cloze: 2: Cars and Transport

This title is part of the highly successful Adult Skills Series. The whole series develops basic skills BUT within an adult con- text.

This is what has made this series so popular with teachers and students.

Teachers asked us for some- thing overtly masculine to engage young males.  This title was part of our response and has been immensely popular with teachers.

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Who is this book for? Teachers on adult skills/ basic skills/ skills for life courses.

It will also be of interest to teachers in secondary schools with low attain-

ing students and teachers who teach basic skills in the community.  Primary School colleagues will also find this useful for year 4 to year 6 students.


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  1. The Car is the Star,
  2. Henry Ford  1863-1947,
  3. Mickey’s Merc,
  4. The Last Mile,
  5. E-Type Jags,
  6. The Bergerac Car,
  7. The Range Rover,
  8. Graham and Judith’s Holiday,
  9. Police Rescue,
  10. The Citroën 2CV,
  11. Bonnieand Clyde,
  12. Eco Cars,
  13. Police, Camera, Action,
  14. The Gulf Wars ,
  15. Classic Cars,
  16. Monster Trucks,
  17. Buying a Brand New Car,
  18. Getting Married,
  19. Taste or no Taste,
  20. Mini Magic,
  21. Reliant Robin,
  22. Killing the President of the U.S.A.,
  23. Ice Road Truckers.

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