Sums for Mums and Dads

We need a Mums and Dads Army

How do we change society for the better?

The usual answer is to ask schools to take on board the issue. That is not always possible.  The fact is that the curriculum is so crowded it is getting more and more impossible to cover things that young people need to know for life.

As a mathematics educator I want to see improvements in mathematics and herein lies the rub.  You may have heard of the PISA rankings.  These are international rankings that compare our youngsters with youngsters from other countries.  This leads to the British Media ( and American Media) engaging in a lot of breast beating and predictions that we are all going to hell in a hand cart.  They look at Asian countries where students can calculate far after than our youngsters and they are engaged in higher level mathematics that our youngsters.

What you may not know is that many of these Asian students spend more than 10 hours and as much as 16 hours daily just studying.  In some countries it is not uncommon for youngsters to get home from school at 2 a.m. to be up at 6a.m. and do it again.   These students get more practice in mathematics in one day than our students get in a week.

is it any surprise that they do better than our students?

The fact is PISA does not compare like with like.

cartoon for Our Education System

Our Education System

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For instance British students would win hands down in creativity.  Our education system (across the UK as a whole) develops thinking ability and creativity.  Look at the cartoon, is the elephant going to win?  This is the same for our children.  PISA only tests some aspects of our children’s performance.  So all is NOT lost.

But does that mean we should be satisfied? Absolutely not.  But schools only have our children for 5 out of every 24 hours.  In mathematics they get about 3-5 hours a week in tuition and perhaps 1 hour homework.  What if they had someone at home they could turn to?

That is why I say we need a mums and dads army.  We need  Mum and dad to become mathematically literate in fractions, decimals and percentages.  They need to be skilled in adding, subtracting and multiplying.  All of the basic mathematics children need to learn at school.    That way when little Johnnie  says ‘ how do you do…?’, one or both parents/guardians can help.

Are you prepared to make this investment for your children?

So here is the deal?

We are launching an online course Sums for Mums (and dads) that takes 10 weeks to cover and need 100 sets of parents to join our online coaching course.  It is fun and easy.  No it really is easy!  You will be able to ‘do’ it.  I have done this before and many people have said ‘ wow is that all there is?

What makes me the right person to do this course.

1.  I am an expert in education.

2. I have advised both the BBC and Channel 4 on their education output.

3.I am also the author of BBC Bitesize Maths and Understanding Maths with Arthur C Clarke.

4. I am one of the few UK based teachers who are qualified to teach online and have been teaching online since 1998

As a consultant I have been paid £1800 for one day’s work, I have also been flown to Canada all expenses paid to give advice.  So whilst this sounds very grand and not very British I want you to know that you are in safe hands. Normally I would charge at least £450 for a day but this is far cheaper.

The small cost is to cover the cost of the materials and postage BUT it is less than 3 pints of beer a week.

So if you are interested, get in touch and we will send you more details


It is up to you now.