Back to School in Sept: Sanitation and the new regime every parent needs to follow

Ok so it looks like the children and teens are going back to school in Sept. There is still a virus, it is still in circulation and there may well be a second spike.

So now is the time to get prepared. If your child has to wear a uniform then see if you can get a second skirt/pair of trousers. Ideally all clothes need to be cleaned daily. This could be using a steamer to clean the clothes. Here is the sort of thing we mean

This is important because if your child has come into contact with the virus, then the steam cleaner will help to break the virus up. The virus is a piece of genetic material that is destroyed when it comes into touch with heat. This is why there are less cases in the summer and probably why there have been spikes in meat packing factories, ( they have to be cold inside).

So now is the time to form a nightly routine. When your child returns home, they need to go straight to an area near the entrance. So you may need to set up a dressing room facility here. They then need to totally undress and go immediately for a shower. This means that if they have the virus on their skin it will be washed off. Their under clothes need then to be washed. The outer clothes like blazers, skirts or trousers need to be steamed nightly. Their shoes also need to be steamed. This, I am sorry to say is the new normal. Yes it is a faff to have to do every night but it is better than your child getting ill and possibly dying.

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